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Sanjesh Company has invested in different production units. Processes such as:

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Systems engineering


Different technologies and science are required in various industries.Auto industry has got second ranking after Aerospace Industries.

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Quality Control


At the beginning of Sanjesh company establishment, in management department point of view, the requirement of quality control (QC) had sensed.

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Customer testimonials

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New technology


There are many ways to promote the technology including: attracting foreign cooperative companies or domestic technology improvement by R&D (Research & Development)

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Company Perspective


SANJESH Company, with relying on experienced members and experts in various fields of activity, has optimized perspective for the present time and future.In all

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Customers organization


Sanjesh Company, at the beginning of its activity, hasn’t focused just on one market; therefore, after its first priority which was IRAN KHODRO, started to focus on after market.

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SANJESH Manufacturing Company started its activity from 1966 and in line with the country's self-sufficiency in 1979 entered the field of Auto parts manufacturing through producing In-tank fuel gauge.



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Measurement products developed for commercial purposes is divided into several categories specified


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