Organization History

SANJESH Manufacturing Company started its activity from 1966 and in line with the country's self-sufficiency in 1979 entered the field of Auto parts manufacturing through producing In-tank fuel gauge. This company has always been after customer’s satisfaction and its goal is to optimize the products, as the result of these efforts it had experiences in resolving customer problems which were mostly Automotive Industries.In 1996, this company for the first time applied Quality Management Systems and could successfully receive Grade B which still holds. Also in 2005 in order to further improve the quality management systems and in line with globalization began to implement ISO9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards and could gain ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certificates from ((RWTUV)) Corporation.Together with producing In-Tank fuel gauge for light and heavy cars, this company is currently active in manufacturing projects like SAMAND motor lid switch, control switch for the front light of the panel in the same car, holding base of electronic box, fuse box lid, front column wiring harness frame in 206, the volume regulator of the front light panel in KHAVAR and All lights of Pride, cartridges for water, fan, electrical components, polymeric, and metallic supplies.

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